5 ways social media will help your business

5 ways social media will help your business

Your potential, current and past customers are using social media in their lives. They go on Facebook to stay in touch with their friends, they go on LinkedIn to keep up-to-date with their colleagues and business relations, they go on Twitter to check out news stories and current affairs and they go on Instagram to be inspired and delighted by beautiful imagery. So if that’s where they are, it’s where you should be too.


1. You need to exist online

Social media marketing is essential for doing business.  If your company isn’t currently active on social media, you better get started… pronto!

So, why is social media so important? It is a question many business leaders ask, and the answer is simple: Your brand doesn’t really exist online if you do not have a presence across a variety of social media platforms. If you don’t consistently engage with your customers, followers, and your industry colleagues, it’s very much out of sight, out of mind, and they will move on to brands that do engage with them.


2. Content, not advertising

Social media users view the platforms as social networks, not as marketing tools, so if you communicate with them and offer content of value rather than post advertisements, they are more likely to want to hear what you say.

When a social media user likes or shares your content, this is likely to translate into traffic to your website or place of business. Their friends and followers see, like and share your content, their friends and followers do the same, and your reach grows.


3. Social Media, the SEO booster

You can boost your websites’ SEO by using social media. How? Search engine crawlers know which web pages are steadily driving traffic and which are just hanging out there, ignored and forgotten.

An awesome content strategy for SEO is a critical part of earning top slots in search engine rankings, but driving people to your website will cause them to grow quicker in the search engine results pages, and social media is arguably the most effective way to consistently drive traffic to your website.


4. Word of mouth marketing

Using social media as a tool to connect and interact with potential customers, is a great way to create the kind of online relationships with customers that can lead to the coveted “word of mouth marketing”, albeit in the form of their social media sharing of your content.


5. Have fun with it

Oh, and there is one more reason you need social media…. it’s FUN!  Celebrate a new product launch with a Twitter chat, or test your strategies with A/B testing on Facebook ads, or share polls via LinkedIn to get feedback from your loyal customer and followers – these are just a few activities that can successfully generate brand awareness, drive web traffic, and turn leads into sales.

Unlike traditional forms of marketing and advertising, social media marketing can be great fun while adding value to your business.

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