Good Looking Marketing
..and it’s not about our looks at all.
it’s all about awesome branding
So this is us
We’re The Good Looking Marketing Agency and we know the importance of being really good looking… so ‘What is good looking exactly”? An amazing and inspiring brand, one that speaks to any potential customers in general and your target audience in particular. A website and a set of social media accounts that knock the spots off those of your competitors. A great story, your great story, told in a way that captures your customers and potential clients. That’s Good Looking Marketing, and that’s exactly what we deliver.
Check us out
We have a talented team of professional branding specialists, digital strategists, graphic designers, photographers and virtual tour specialists, web designers, marketers and developers, social media managers, communications specialists, business developers and project managers. Each project is lead by one of us, Mette or Jay, as we’re the professionals who have walked the walk, talked the talk, and not just created brands for others, but also created brands and whole businesses for ourselves, businesses that have run successfully for years, and still are going strong. It is our experience in business that gives The Good Looking Marketing Agency the edge over our competitors. We know that a business is more than the brand, that the brand and the business have to go hand in hand in order to be a success… now that’s Good Looking!!
Our good looking office space
We decided not to invest in shiny offices, fancy furniture and frothy coffee – we prefer to spend our time and energy getting to know your business to ensure you get the best results. So we’ll meet you in your offices or in a nice hotel or meeting room close to you, and really get a feel for what your business goals are and the best way of achieving them. And we won’t charge you extra for our fancy offices.

The Good Looking Bosses

Mette Poynton. One of the brands she created for her own business, is one of the best known brands in the Cotswolds, Cotswolds Concierge. Furthermore, Mette is a member of the board of Cotswolds Tourism, the official DMO (destination management organization) for the Cotswolds. And while the Cotswolds, travel and tourism is a big part of her life, her forte is web design, marketing, branding and social media and she has worked for some amazing businesses, as well as for herself, in this capacity.

Jay Short. He’s been a professional photographer for 15 years and ran sales teams prior to that, so when he’s good looking, he wears both hats and a couple more. Jay’s past client list is literally the ‘Who’s Who’ of major UK brands, he has worked with some big names on the UK business scene.. oh, and he’s one of Google’s preferred suppliers of Google virtual tours.

Our good-looking partners
For our clients who need expert advice and support on digital marketing, we always call on our trusted partner, Rob Thomas of WSI eMarketing. Rob is one of the top professionals in his field in this country, and we’re confident in his skills and abilities when it comes to assisting our clients with digital marketing.
The Good Looking Team
We bring together a team of writers, video/drone specialists, coders and artists, etc, who we work with on projects depending on the clients needs.