Blog like you mean it

Blog like you mean it

You’ve probably heard this before: Blogging is key! What that really means is that CONTENT IS KEY for your website, for social media sharing and for SEO.

With blogs, or articles about your area of expertise if you will, you have a great way to maximise search engine optimization practices, to get your small business noticed and to establish yourself and business as experts within whatever field you’re in.

When it comes to writing content, too many businesses focus on frequency and quantity rather than quality and that’s a huge mistake.

If you optimize your website for search engines with great quality articles, your business is far more likely to appear at the top of search results for the searches relating to the service you offer. And with improved rankings comes more visitors to your website and an increase in leads and sales.


Ahh, what to write about?

Now, the best thing about this particular part of your marketing strategy, is that you already have an expert on hand to write this quality content: You! Because who’s a bigger expert on your business than you? Exactly, nobody is.

If you don’t feel confident in your writing skills, you can always get someone to proofread and edit what you write, or you can get someone to write the articles for you following your instructions.

Your knowledge and your skills are what sets you apart and makes you unique, so share them and the added bonus is that you establish yourself as a market leader in the process.


Share-worthy content is key

You can blog every day until you’re blue in the face, but unless what you post offers something of value, it will not gain you any more readership. So what has value, you ask? A valuable article is one that is share-worthy, one that touches on a subject close to people’s heart, one that makes people laugh or one that offers great advise or support.

Whatever angle you choose, just make sure the subject matter has some relation to your business or the service you provide, and don’t forget to link in the blog to your website as that’s how you drive traffic from great content to your actual business.

EXAMPLE: Manor Cottages, the Cotswolds’ leading holiday cottage agency, create quality content in the form of town- and area guides, sharing all the great places in the Cotswolds to go to experience the area, places to eat, drink and generally be merry. These articles are not featuring holiday cottages, but as they afre interesting for anyone thinking or dreaming of a holiday or a weekend away in the UK, they are shared tens of thousands of times on social media, and those who read them, do so on the Manor Cottages website, where the idea of a holiday in a cottage in the Cotswolds sits side by side with the articles they came for.

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