Winking at girls in the dark

Winking at girls in the dark

Your business proposition is a good one. Your product is great. But neither product nor proposition matter if your marketing is not up to the task.

If you don’t put strong marketing in place for your business, it’s like winking at a girl in the dark… you know what you’re doing, but nobody else does.

You need good marketing, of course. But specifically, you need to have an online presence, make use of the various online marketing tools available, including social media. It’s 2017 and this is a must now, it must be at the top of your marketing strategy.


If you’re not online, nobody knows what you’re doing

It doesn’t matter what you sell or who your customers are, you need an online presence and you need the use of social media marketing, which is an important and integral digital tool, to share with the World what you’re doing, to grow your brand and to build your bottom line. End of.

Today, if you don’t have an active online and social media presence, you’re on a slippery slope and your competitors are overtaking you as you read these words.


Get ahead of the competition

If you find your competitor has taken their marketing online and you still haven’t, you need to join them and aim to do it better! More than 90% of brands are active on more than one social media platform, so this really is not the area that you and your business want to fall behind on, especially because it‘s much harder (and costlier!) to catch up than it is to start early and take the lead.

You don’t want your competitors getting to your target customer first, do you? Be engaging and active online and on a variety of social media networks, and you will gain loyal followers and friends first and your competitors… well, they’ll be busy eating your dust!


An equal playing field

Using social media marketing across the various platforms is a pretty equal playing field. Some brands may have bigger wallets than others, but all businesses can enter on the same level when it comes to social media marketing.

The winners are the businesses who create the most attention-grabbing, clever content and the most valuable and useful posts. The more value you bring your target audience while engaging with awesome personality, the more you will drive the kind of traffic to your website or business that eventually lead to an increase in sales.

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Steuart Henderson Britt gave us the great “winking at a girl in the dark” quote.

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